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Elite Level "Full Contact Coaching"

And Violent Accountability For Today's Male Entrepreneur

My Straight Path Business Coaching program will give you “full contact” accountability, while teaching you how to execute and implement proven sales, automation and marketing strategies in your business.

Awaken Power
Learn the simple and effective ways to create power in all four areas of your life.
Find Purpose
Remove the “bottlenecks” from your life by deep diving into your stories so that you can find the real reason you want more.
Reignite Passion
The days of waking up feeling anxious with a total lack of drive are over. Create a deeper connection to yourself, your family, and your calling.
Create More Profits
It’s time to give yourself permission to make it rain profits across the board in your body, being, balance and business.

I Help Entrepreneurs Build REAL Businesses – Not Hobbies


My Coaching Program Is Unlike Anything You Have Seen Or Experienced

If you want to, “learn the secrets to building a 7 figure empire in 90 days while sipping pina coladas on the beach”


Nothing against 6 and 7 figure empires or sippin’ on the beach… (I know a thing or two about both of them). But that type of hypey bullshit isn’t what I teach… however most of my students achieve results like that with discipline, hard work, accountability and consistency.

“I help entrepreneurs build REAL businesses — not hobbies — to create REAL wealth, REAL freedom and a REAL impact.”

I teach SUSTAINABLE strategies and protocols that can take time to dial in — almost everything that is strong, stable and reliable does — but once dialled in, will give you a system that is flowing and optimized.

As a result, you will have:

  • Peace of mind every night when you go to bed knowing that you have a steady flow of cash, leads and clients pumping through your business.
  • The freedom to be present and engaged with your friends and family – allowing you to be the husband, father and friend your community needs you to be.

Most Coaches Aren’t Concerned About Making Sure You Achieve Results

Here's The Truth...

That Other Coaches Don't Want You To Know

Most coaches and consultants like me are taught to automate EVERYTHING and leverage all of their time – even if it means sacrificing the quality of coaching and the results that they get for their clients.

I know this because I have sat in on all of the events where this garbage was spewed.

I’ve watched my peers brag about how much money they make for barely doing anything… while the clients that hired them suffered.

Here’s the truth (that other coaches don’t want you to know)…

Inside coaching and consulting circles people aren’t bragging about the results their clients are getting.

They aren’t concerned about making sure their clients and students reach their results.

They just want to sign you up and sell you a username and password to give you access to nothing but a shit ton of INFORMATION that only adds more busy work, overwhelm and confusion to your life.

Do my peers hate me for airing out the dirty laundry?


But my peers aren’t my clients (or potential clients) so I really don’t give a damn what they think of me exposing their lazy asses.

I Play A Completely Different Game

I Hold My Students Accountable
My specialty is holding my students ACCOUNTABLE, while giving them relentless support and focusing on the results they want to achieve.

I’m talking about REAL accountability…

The kind that encourages, supports, and when needed, flat out get’s in your face and challenges you to push past the B.S. and IMPLEMENT.

That’s what you need.

NOT more information or regurgitated notes from the latest social media event.

How Would Your Life Change if you had someone who held you accountable to yourself?

My Take On Coaching Is Like This...

Say You’re Stuck at the Bottom of a Well

Most coaches just stand at the top and drop a checklist down to you with information on “how to tie your shoes and get ready to climb out of a well.”

The “more involved” coaches might scream some random directions down to you like, “Grab that! Then grab that… you just need to want it. Think about your “why” and maybe you’ll get out.”

Not me. I “tally-ho” and jump down in the well with you. Then we climb out TOGETHER.

Most Coaches, Consultants And "Guru's"...

Are too damn lazy to jump into the trenches and get their hands dirty.

Push Video Courses

They shot years ago (that are now outdated and don’t work) at you.

Give You Generic Blueprints

Or checklists to follow and call it “accountability.”

Randomly Spew Strategies

And tactics at you that they used for their business, but probably have no place in yours.

Not Me.

I Bring You Into My Coaching Network

01 I come to where you're at NOW.
02 Tailor your coaching program to YOU.
03 Give you 90 day challenges built around targets in all four areas of your life so you can build towards growth.
04 Give you association with other entrepreneurs (like yourself).
05 Work with you to stay on track with (and hit) your targets.

See The Difference?


Come to where you're at NOW


Give you generic accountability checklists

Tailor your coaching program to YOU


Provide you with "full contact" accountability


Make you pay for access to outdated video courses

Give you 90 day challenges built around targets in all four areas of your life so you can build towards growth and expansion


Spew strategies that worked for their business (but have no place in yours) at you

Teach you how to execute and implement proven sales, automation and marketing strategies tailored to YOU and YOUR business


Provide you with regurgitated marketing tactics from the latest conference without teaching you how to use them

Bring you into my coaching network and give you association with other entrepreneurs (like yourself)


Work with you to stay on track with (and hit) your targets


I'm Not The Right Coach For You.

If you like the checklist and video database stuff – by all means go find a coach that offers that. There are a million of them.

But if you want a coach who genuinely gives a damn about you and your success.

A coach who will give you, raw accountability, relentless focus on your results, and battle-tested strategies (that I have used with over 400 of my students) that are tailored to you and your business...

Then apply to hop on a call with me.

During our call I will spend some time interviewing you to make sure that you are a good candidate for my coaching program. This is for both of our benefit.

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